2021-09-24 16:21:02

Tsautop 1.37*18m Waterproof Air Bubble Free Self Adhesive PVC Vinyl Car Wrapping Rainbow Green Laser Chrome Car Sticker

Detailed Description :

Model:                                         LCF01-LCF10 Name:                                         Rainbow Laser Chrome Vinyl Thickness:                                   0.18mm Heat Resistance:                          -50°C to +150°C Stretch Rate:                                33+pascal Mask Thickness:                          0.115 Glue Material:                              Imported removable glue Glue Thickness:                           0.03mm Glue Weight:                               30g/m2±2gm2 Gram Weight of Release Paper: 160gsm embossing paper Thickness of Release Paper:       0.14-0.22mm Function:                                     water, dirt, grease, salt, weak acids oil resist Durability Period:                        Indoor 3-5 years; outdoor: 2-3 years Applications:                               Die cutting,car decoration,architectural decoration Available Colors:                       10 colors


Our advantages

1. Imported Glue

2. All fabrics comply with EU RoHS standard.Under normal conditions,TSAUTOP vinyl does not release any hazardous chemicals or  airborne hazardous chemicals.The thickness 3 mils of the importect glue is best for installation and respositionable,slideable, removable, no residue.

3. Smart Installations

4. Save your labor and money!

5. TSAUTOP vinyl have air bubble free designs, as water cuble,square and so on .

6. We have measured the average installation of two at 4.5 hrs compared to 9-10 hrs.

7. Any film that reduces the time of installation will reduce your labor costs,making you more competive.An average 80% of a total wrap cost is labor.

8. 140-160gsm back paper with scale gird

9. It is easy for stoing for long time and secondary sale

10. Scale gird makes smart to cut.All vinyl can pint your brand


Packing and payment 

Strong packing

Strong double wood paper(k=k)

to make sure the package is 100% good when you got it ,   even can resell it again.   Save money for resellers juncheng juncheng