Matte White Polyimide Labels PCB Polyimide Stickers for Steel

2021-09-24 16:25:01
Product Description
Material structure: Coating layer/PET/Aluminium-Foil/PET/Coating layer
Brand Rifo
Color Matte white
Width 640mm
Shape Roll paper or sheet paper
Grade 200
Thickness 200
Applicate Labels,tags
Size Customized
Max.temperature Max. 300 C
Screen print Available
Offset print Available
Delivery time 7-9days
Transport By sea/Air
Sample Free

Why choose us?   1.We specialize in producing the proof label to apply to the high temperature products,such as iron,tyre. 2High temperature labels and tags can be applied at extremely high temperatures. This speeds up turnaround times in high temperature production and processing environments,supports early identification and full product traceability, and prevents loss of stock and revenue through misidentification or loss of process control. 3.The integrity of the identity and traceability of the product are greatly enhanced. Thus, control inventory error rate to reduce losses. 4.As an added benefit, high temperature material is crush and abrasion resistant to ensure data readability in harsh, high temperature environments.
5.If your products require high temperature processing, such as baking or sterilising, we have a label to suit you. 
6. Our expertise in this field enables Rifo to export high temperature labels in the word.

Our Main Label Materials: 
Synthetic Paper: waterproof, anti-oil, heat-resistant, will not tear,  used for anti-heat labels,  shipping carton labels etc, when using synthesis label, you will need to use wax/resin ribbon.
Polyester:  waterproof, anti-oil, heat-resistant, will not tear, used for electronic product labels,  jewelry labels, anti-heat labels, when using PET or siliver PET paper, you will need to use resin ribbon.
Polyimide: wahterproof anti-oil, heat-resistant, temperature can up to 250°C -300°C, will not tear used for  vehicle tagand chemical barrel label,moblie phone   labels, lithium battery labels,  medical equipment labels etc, when using such high temeperature polyimide labels, you will need to use resin ribbon.




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