Ce RoHS Reach Temporary Tattoo Sticker Decal Paper

2021-09-24 16:30:02

Water Transfer Tattoo Sticker with Temporary Feature for Inkjet and Laser

Temporary Tattoos On Your Inkjet or Laser Printer With Our Tattoo Paper for Party Fun Tatts (CE,RoHS,REACH Certificate)

Brand Name: SUNTEK
Model Number: STC-T10(L)
Type: Temporary tattoo paper
Size: A4
Printer Available: Inkjet/Laser Printer
Application: body skin, face, arm, nail, hand, mobile phone etc.
Package Contents:
10 Sets/lot (1set=1 sheet printing paper+1 sheet adhesive paper )

Operation Instructions:
1. Print design on printing paper (mirror print), then dry it with drier for 1 minute or let it dry naturally
2. Put adhesive paper on printing paper, tight fitted. Then use ruler or name card to scrap air out. (separate the adhesive paper carefully, you will see sticky)
3. Cut out the printed design
4. Rive adhesive paper and stick the design on body skin, face, arm, nail, hand, mobile phone etc.
5. Put a little water on the design, wait for about 10-20 seconds, then separate the beautiful design from the printing paper
6. After riving the printing paper, if there is still some water, use absorbent paper to blot water up and wait for about 2 minutes so as to let tattoo dries totally.



1. After printing, the design should be wait to be dry. It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry naturally, while about 1 minute with a dryer.
2. Oily skin should be cleaned by water before making tattoo
3. The designed tattoo can be deleted away by using tape.
4. When having bath, do NOT scrap the tattoo energetically. Thus, the tattoo can last for about 3-7 days
5. Keep tattoo paper away from heat and wet
6. Keep tattoo paper out of reach of children.


Ms. Candy Ye
Suntek Print Company Limited
Website: szsuntek.en.made-in-china.com