Photoluminescent Arrowhead Pattern Floor Marking Tape Sticker

2021-09-24 16:43:48
The glow in dark (Arrow) tape is made from the Photoluminescent film, the film is a kind of soft film that can absorb and store energy from normal, ambient light, which will glow in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light, it is fully charged within 30 minutes and creates a bright green glow effect for up to 2-4hours, 6-8 hours, 8-10hours, 10-12hours etc.
It is UV resistant, and long weather resistance, have good performance for both indoor and outdoor use.
The Luminescent Colors, now available for yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, yellow, orange, pink,green etc.
Model No: RE-YA001
Material: PET (film), Acrylic, PVC
Type of Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Based
Color: Normal: Yellow-green, Pure White;
OEM: Yellow green/ Red/ Orange/ Yellow/ Pink, Green etc
Luminescent Colors: yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, yellow, orange, pink,green etc.
Size: 2cm*5m/roll,5cmx5m/roll,5cmx10m, 5cmx50m or customized
Application: Safety escape signs, Fire Signs, Mine signs, Advertisement Signs, Propagandistic signs etc
Working Temperature: 18-28ºC
Service Life: 8years
Origin: China
Features :
1, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Non-radioactive
2, Have stable Chemical Properties, well flame resistance
3, High Initial Luminance and Long Glowing Time
4, Excellent Extensibility
5, The PET type is Good for Lettering & Cutting;
The PVC type is good for solvent Printing and screen printing;
The Acrylic type is good for screen printing, lettering and also easy for tear.

The reflective sheeting is better to keep and cut between the 18-28 ºC; when working, the working area and tools should be clean. The unused after opening, should be rolled back tightly along the primary direction and fixed, the inner tube diameter should be more than 10cm.