Pure White Adhesive Sticker with White Glue for Printing

2021-09-24 16:52:46
Printable Adhesive Vinyl:
1. Outdoor advertisement self adhesive vinyl for vehicle wraps, can be printable.
2. Self-adhesive vinyl can be used as glass graphic, car body graphic.
3. It is suitable for use on a varity of super wide format inkjet printers Using solvent ink
4. Excellent printability. Conversion and application characteristics.
5. Easy cutting and excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.
6. Soft and seamless vinyl, specially for solvent printers.
7. Good sheet stability and flatness.
8. High gloss for superior apperance.
9. Suit for 1)solvent 2)ECO-solvent 3)digital printing 4)screen printing

1. Material: PVC
2. Adhesive: Permannent or removable
3. Usual size: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m, 0.08mm or 0.10mm PVC film. Paper with 120GSM or 140GSM. White or grey or black glue.
80um 100GSM clear glue 80um 100gsmwhite 80um 100GSM grey glue 80um 100GSM black glue 100um 120GSM white glue 100um 140GSM white glue 100um 140GSM grey glue 100um 140GSM black glue
4. Application temperature range: -10-70 centigrade.
5. Suitable printer: All kinds of solvent base printer, such as Vutek, Nur, Scitex, Arizona, Teckwin, Yaselan, Flora, Infiniti, ect.

1. Interior&exterior signs
2. Window(glass wall)advertising
3. Temporary promitional and point of sale advertising
4. Vehicle advertising/graphics
5. Exhibition graphics

Pvc    film           Adhesive                                    Backing    paper             Width  Length
RJSAV001-1 0.08mm ,white solven polyacrylate permanent white adhesive 100gsm PE-Coated Silicon Paper  

RJSAV001 0.08mm, white solven polyacrylate permanent white adhesive   120gsm PE-Coated Silicon Paper  
RJSAV002 0.08mm, white   solven polyacrylate permanent grey adhesive  
RJSAV003 0.08mm, white   solven polyacrylate permanent black adhesive  
RJSAV004 0.08mm, Transparent solven polyacrylate permanent clear adhesive  
RJSAV005 0.10mm,white solven polyacrylate permanent white adhesive   140gsm PE-Coated Silicon Paper  
RJSAV006 0.10mm,white   solven polyacrylate permanent grey adhesive  
RJSAV007 0.10mm,white   solven polyacrylate permanent black adhesive