I Code Sli NFC Tag Sticker for Furniture Tracking

2021-09-24 16:55:03
                                 I Code Sli Nfc Tag Sticker for furniture tracking

NFC, a very important role in The Internet of Things (IoT), unites many technologies working together to increase the automation, safety, and efficiency of everyday tasks. In smart cities, for example, the IoT involves a mix of technologies that create a greener, more connected urban environment.


1.  Material: Paper
2.  Dimension:8*15mm, 12*12mm
3.  Thickness range: 0.2mm-0.3mm 
4.  Frequency: 13.56Mhz
5.  Craftwork: chip encoding

Material Paper
Size 8*15mm, 12*12mm
Chip I code sli 
Reading distance 1-5cm
Working temperature -10~50ºC
Read and Write times 100000 times
Lifespan 10 Years
Protocol ISO11784/785
Storage 1k bit


1.Mobile Payment

2.Smart Poster Reading

3.Identity Management

4.Access control system

5.Device Pairing

6.Smart advertisement

7.Goods and device authentication

The most popular HF (13.56 MHz)chips ISO14443A   The most popular LF (125 KHz)chips
Chip name Memory   Chip name Memory
FM11RF08 1K Byte   TK4100 Read only
FM11RF32 4K Byte   EM4200 64 bit 
MF S50 1K Byte   EM4305 512 bit
MF S70 4K Byte   T5577 363 bit
Ultralight EV1 384-bit or 1024-bit   HITAG 1 2K bit
Ultralight C 1536 bits (192 bytes)   HITAG 2 256 bits
MF Plus 2 or 4 Kbytes   HITAG S256 256 bit
MF Desfire 2Kbytes, 4Kbytes, 8 Kbytes   HITAG S2048 2048 bit
Ntag 213/215/216 144, 504 or 888 bytes      
Topaz 512 454 bytes user memory      
The most popular HF (13.56 MHz)chips ISO15693   The most popular UHF (860-960 MHz)chips
Chip Name Memory   Chip Name Memory
ICODE SLI 896 bits for user data   H3 512 User Bits
ICODE DNA 2048 bits user memory   UCODE G2XM 512 bits
ICODE SLIX 1024 bits   Monza 4D 32 bits
ICODE SLIX-S 2048 bits   Monza 4E 128 bits
TI HF-I Plus 2048 Bit   Monza 4QT 152 bits
Chips listed above are the most poular chips. Any other chips are available as well


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