Clear Food Grade Silicone Medical Treatment Breathability Pressure Sensitivity Bacterial Barrier Surgical Scar Stickers

2021-09-24 17:15:38

clear Food grade silicone Medical treatment Breathability Pressure sensitivity Bacterial barrier Surgical scar stickers

Two-component silicone, platinum-curing, flowable, vulcanizes at room temperature.
Can be used for a long time in the temperature range of - 65 ° C - 200 ° C and keep its soft and elastic properties.




  • Super soft
  • Low viscosity
  • Food grade, non-toxic
  • Good crack-healing ability
  • Excellent and fast resilience
  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Better anti-corrosion
  • Better weather aging resistance
  • Waterproof, moisture proof
  • Quake-proof/ withstand vibration



HY-9500 is a transparent sticky silicone gel as treatment for flatten and smoothen scars and keloids. This product does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction. It can be applied to scar stickers and medical products that contact with human body and need to be sticky.

Operation instructions
  1. Before mixing part A and B, mix component A and component B thoroughly in their respective containers.
  2. 2 .When mixing part A and B, observe the weight ratio of component A: component B = 1:1.
  3. HY-9500 can be defoaming as needed. The mixture of a and B can be mixed evenly and put into a vacuumizer, and then it can be used after defoaming at - 0.08mpa for 5 minutes

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Shelf life
Twelve(12) months when stored under dry and cool place by original package under 25ºC.

  • 5KG/drum part A + 5KG/drum part B
  • 20KG/drum part A + 20KG/drum part B
  • juncheng

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