Colorado Medical Rx Labels 1000/Roll Mmj Thc & Cbd Mg Ca State Warning Sticker

2021-09-24 17:18:16
Colorado Medical Rx Labels 
application on plastic container sides of many sizes. White adhesive backed paper labels on 1000pc paper rolls are easy to apply. The matte finish on these labels is perfect for writing with a felt marker or ball point pen. Pre-printed with State specific Medical information and warnings. 
Made in China


Colorado RX Medical Compliant Government Warning Label - 1000 Labels. 1ct.


Stay up to code with up to date medical marijuana labels for the great state of California. These Co RX Medical Compliant Warning Label Stickers will handle your product for the warning portion of section 40408 of the California Code of Regulations for Marijuana Products. Requirements of size and text were taken into account when printing these labels to comply with . Clearly defined by the local medical laws, these labels will help your business stay legitimate. In 2018 where keeping up to date it optimal, choose our stickers to help you succeed.

• 1000 labels
• In compliance with all local Co Recreational MMJ Laws
• Easily tear with perforated edges
• Labels with proper laws and codes outline