Max Bepop Label Printer Adhesive Thermal Printing Label Sticker

2021-09-24 17:21:21

max bepop label printer adhesive thermal printing label sticker

Popularized for  Max color label bepop printer, for CPM  -100 HG 3C,  100HC, PM-100A specility color printer ribbon, adopt imported raw material, with its corresponding color thermal label sticker ( PVC PET). 


Similir to orignal high quality, with qualified ribbon material of excellent prints, anti-scratch, alcohol resist,  anti ultraviolet light, especially used for outdoor fields. 

Item: Max Bepop specility red ribbon  SL-R103T 
Feature: compatible


Suitable Max color thermal label printer:  CPM-100hg 3c,  CPM-100HC,  CPM-100H2,  CPM-100 HIII, PM-100, PM-100A 

Ribbon color available:  black, white, red, blue, green, yellow etc.



Color size Model (original)
black thermal ribbon 120mm*55m SL-R101
white ribbon 120mm*55m  SL-R102
red (ordinary) ribbon 120mm*55m  SL-r103
red (outdoors) ribbon 120mm*55m  sl-r103
blue thermal ribbon 120mm*55m  Sl-R 104
green thermal ribbon 120mm*55m  SL-R106
yellow thermal ribbon 120mm*55m  Sl-R108


Using environmentally friendly materials , with CCIC Certification, Our laminated label ribbons are mainly compatible with TZ series. Our TZ series we mainly have 6 width,6mm, 9mm,12mm,18mm,24mm,36mm,ribbon length is 8 m.


Multi-field application( to satisfy your demands) :

1. Management department: ISO,  MSDS, 5S , OHSAS Warning, Quality control sign, enviromental mark, TPM, TQM activity signs 

2. Administration department: management  plate,  document paper management, office applicances, articles, sector department,  facility direction,  exhibition booth  promotion etc.

3.  Storage management: operation warning,  operation flow,   fixed assets,  applicance nameplate ( commondity nameplate) , applicance instruction or numbering.

4. Security: production safety signs , forbidden, warning, direction, fire-control equipment, chemicals signals 

Management: ISO, NSDS, 5S, QC, environmental mark
Excutive department: document file, office appliances,  section area,  exhibition layout promotion mark
Warehouse: goods shelf,  parts box, landmark
Appliances management: Operation warming, operation flow, fixed asset, nameplate, instruction or serial number


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