Gold 2D 3D Holographic Sticker

2021-09-24 17:27:25

Product Description
Why VOID sticker?
1) Reducing the security risks of shipment.
2) Encouraging potential buyers to purchase the product with full confidence.
3) Reducing the risks of package pilferage or the theft and resale of products.
4) Preventing counterfeit consumer goods,unauthorized sales (diversion),
    material substitution and tampering.
5) Help indicate that the package and contents are not counterfeit.
6) Smart means of loss prevention. 
What is VOID sticker?
Warranty void security labels,used special technology in the material in production.
Once peeling off the sticker,hidden VOID/custom logo or text will show on face material and posted objects,which is obvious proof of tampering.
1. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels 2. Dot matrix hologram labels
3. Roll labels 4.Hang tag
5.Self-adhesive sticker 6.Tamper evident hologram label
7.Hot stamping foil 8.Scratch-off label
9. PVC/PC/PET sticker 10.Gold/silver foil label
11.Barcode sticker 12.Fragile security label
13.Multi-color 2D-3D holographic anti-counterfeiting labels 14.Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product
15.Diffractive packaging film 16.Anti-fake ID card
17.Hologram Micro-text 18.Rainbow hologram label
19.VOID tamper evident sticker 20.Transparent sticker
21. One-off laser anti- counterfeiting sticker 22. Safety line anti-counterfeiting
23. Various of anti-counterfeiting packaging 24. Document paper with water mark
25. UV/temperature ink anti-fake label 26. Heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting
27.Honeycomb sticker 28. Lottery card
29.Printing sticker with code 30. and so on
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