Waterproof PVC Floor Stickers for Indoor Kitchen Bathroom Decoration

2021-09-24 17:29:13
juncheng PVC floor stickers has gradually become a trend in home decoration because i nstallation is simple and convenient, with a wide range of styles, green and environmental protection, making your home look new!

Product Name: Floor stickers
Material: PVC
Size: 914.4mm*152.4mm
Feature: Fireproof, waterproof and wear-resistant
Packing: 54 pieces/box 7.5 square meters/box
Thickness: 1.5mm
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Why choose PVC floor stickers?
1. Because it is self-adhesive, no glue is needed, so it is very environmentally friendly. 2. No need to ask workers to post. 3.
It can be directly pasted and easy to use, the surface can be scrubbed, and the back is glued (without additional glue) as easy to
paste as a photo sticker. 4. There are many styles to choose from, rich patterns, safe and environmentally friendly, with certain
anti-mildew and anti-bacteria functions. 5. It has good anti-aging, insect-proof, non-toxic and non-polluting. 6. Beautiful,
stylish, easy to paste, instantly refresh the room.