Manufacturers Custom Water-Based Stickers Specializing in The Production of Water-Based Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Water-Based Self-Adhesive Glue

2021-09-24 17:29:58
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  Water-based acrylic adhesive juncheng
Product parameter
model HS108 HS118 HS805 HS805A
Exterior milky milky milky milky
180 degree peeling force A (N/2.5cm) 20 24 18 20
Initial adhesion B (#) 21 21 12 12
Holding power (h) 4 5 10 12
form liquid liquid liquid liquid
Solid content (±1) 50% 48% 50% 55%
Viscosity (CPS) 15000-20000 10000-12000 5000-8000 8000-1000
PH range 7-8 7-8 7-8 7-8
composition Self-crosslinking styrene acrylic
Features Weather resistance, strong holding power, excellent anti-outflow performance, anti-aging, resistance to yellowing
Scope of application EVA, sponge, plastic, paper, label
package 50KG/barrel 125KG/barrel 1000KG/barrel
store The storage period is 6 months in a cool, dry and sealed environment (the storage temperature should be controlled at 5~35ºC).
"Reminder: In view of the many variable factors in the use process, such as air temperature, material density, mechanical equipment accuracy, control of the amount of glue, heating time, process design, working environment, etc., all directly affect the composite quality. Users are kindly requested to perform a trial before using this glue before confirming. Determine whether this product is suitable for your planned process and purpose. The company will not be liable for the losses caused by using our products without effective communication.
Green and environmental protection: The product is safe, non-toxic and tasteless. There is no harmful gas released during the application process, and it will not cause damage to the skin when it comes in contact with human skin. Just rinse with water.