Vintrage Stickers 4503 Windows

2021-09-24 17:32:56
Mega Plastics Manufactory Specialist in
Decorative Vinyl Stickers Production and Export.

15 Years Manufactured Experience / ISO9001:2008 Certfied

*A STICKER Can create a unique atmosphere in a mintue using our transparent Stickers.
that will paint your glass window and  will color the light that comes into the room

*Easy to stick on every smooth surface 

 *Beautiful and impressive on clear glass window,doors, glasswalls, shower stalls,Etc.

*The Package contains 2-10 identical stickers

*The Sticker are made of a special vinul, resisant to moisture and light

*Easy to stick, just remoce the paper behind and stick.

*Make sure the surface under will clean and dry.

Descriptions Dimension Materials Package
Decorative Vinyl Sticker 21*24cm/23*25cm/ 25*30cm/30*35cm
Customized Size
Vinyl 2-20 Pcs/Package