A3 Heat Transfer Pet Film Custom Made Logo Transfer Sticker

2021-09-24 17:42:07
Size: A3
Heat transfer time: 20 seconds
Heat transfer temperature: 160 degrees
Net weight: 8kg

  • Image type: wash label, neck label, decoration label, main label etc
  • Printing inks: oil based ink, water based ink, plastisol ink, hotmelt glue/adhesive, hotmelt powder
  • Printing Equipment: automatic printing machine, semi automatic machine, roll to roll jumbos machine
  • Applicable heat transfer materials: cottons, chemical fiber, cotton blend fabrics, EVA, non-woven fabrics, leather, and other heat resistant fabrics.

  • Thickness:  75um, 100um;
  • Size information: 60cm*100m in a roll or as per customer requirements;
  • Heat transfer temperature: 160 degrees or depending on the melting point of adhesives or hot melt powders used;
  • Heat transfer time: 20 seconds

  1. Use top quality base film, high heat stability, minimum shrinkage, 180C, 1 minutes heat, shrink 2mm
  2. Excellent printing result, we have special coating to make maximum ink absord on the film;
  3. Scratch resistance, coating material will not easy scratch off the film, after transfer, coating will not transfer to the fabric;
  4. Excellent printing result, we make special coating material to help to maximum ink absord, ink fastness is good after transfer;
  5. Professional and experience sales guide, we can provide printing technical guidance, we can help with problems happens during the printing process;
  6. OEKO TEX certified, Appendix 4, class II.
  7. Strict quality control system, before every shipment, we tested size stablized after 180C, 1 min; release figure, thickness thickness,coating eveness, matt degree, simple printing test or follow customer request.
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